One day I received the following compliment.

A client said: ‘I now feel more confident making a choice, because I know my clients better. This helps my company grow, as well as myself.’


Connecting the dots

What I love is when the work we do as a team, suddenly makes a client realise there is a clear path ahead. When they connect the dots. Especially when they didn’t think there were dots at all.

I challenge people to let go of the usual thoughts and ideas, to wear someone else’s glasses. I like to show how a market offers potential to a company in a way the company didn’t see before. Not simply by telling them, but by showing it.

I always aim for the future and new plans, and highlight the things that go well. I combine the experience of my own 20 years in research with that of colleagues and the learnings during each project.

It’s a bonus when I manage to surprise my clients with the added insights.



Specific areas of interest

With my collega’s in Europe and specialists around me I want to give clients new insights. To assist them in improving their marketing communications or product development.

In particular, but not exclusively, our focus is on:

business-to-business market


(electric) transport

culture, leisure & entertainment

employer communications.


My experience is much broader than this. Partly thanks to multiple foreign clients, including global corporates and agencies who find Armour Brown and return for more knowledge. The basis of my experience lies with 10 years employment with one of the most innovative agencies in Holland, Blauw Research of Rotterdam. I worked as a researcher and later as a manager of a team of qualitative specialists, focusing on large Dutch clients. Prior to that, I worked at communications, learning & development agencies in Guildford, Amsterdam and Rotterdam.

Throughout my life I’ve often lived abroad for months or years at a time, both in Asia and Europe. This helps me see the Netherlands and its inhabitants through another lense. And keeps things in perspective.

For more information see LinkedIn.


International experts

Armour Brown is part of a network of experts within the Netherlands and Europe. People and companies who master their trade and moreover who are a pleasure to work with. Reliable, knowledgeable, clear about what’s possible and what will require extra effort or remains out of reach. If Armour Brown cannot help personally, chances are we know someone who can.


Who for?

We’ve collected insights or organised workshops for the benefit of the following organsiations. We did this either as a team of (European) researchers, communications specialists, advertising agencies or independently.

Achmea, BP, Coca Cola, Dentaid, DSM, Google, Huone, Liberty Global, Nationale-Nederlanden, Pickwick, Utrecht Council, Ziggo and a variety of schools, estate agents, motorcycle, car and truck manufacturers, a supplier to Albert Heijn and a large American television and entertainment company.

Increasingly we work for organisations in the technology region Brainport Eindhoven, where we are located. This is at 1.5 hours from Amsterdam and 1.5 hours from Brussels.


Feel free to get in touch for a brainstorm on your marcomms or product development issues

We’re available via, or telephone +31646096294.

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