Look through the eyes of another

How do you enthuse customers? What makes potential staff interested in you?

How do you ensure they choose you, and subsequently stay with you?


It starts by stepping into their shoes.

Because if you empathise with your target group, you can anticipate their needs and desires.

And you may be able to offer them the solution they require.


It means that you’ve got to climb into the heads and hearts of your customers, as it were. Design Thinking calls it the “Empathise” stage.

See what they see. Think and feel like they do. Experience your product, your service … And that of another.


We love to do this for you. We love to take you with us. We love to see you do it.


Especially when you have a complicated issue. That’s when our years of experience results in a leading edge, in thinking about the output before you’ve even begun. And in choosing the right method out of the plethora of options.

New perspectives provide you with market insights.

This allows you to make the right choice. For example, how you:


  • strengthen your positioning
  • make your communications more effective
  • improve your product
  • simplify the customer journey.

Example of market research

A law firm has loyal customers, but these customers tend to purchase just one type of legal services.

The company wants to offer these customers their other services also. Which strategy should they follow?

I speak with eight of their most important customers.

I discover that these clients are open to the idea of purchasing other legal services with the same firm, but they don’t get round to proactively asking about options. Even if they experience issues with their current (competing) supplier. There is much loyalty for my client, the law firm, but for other reasons than the firm thinks. And: the law firm doesn’t always repair its small mistakes. Some of these issues linger, even if they are ‘old hat’. The new story, about the additional services is too unknown.

I conclude the study with pragmatic advice and to-the-point recommendations. The law firm’s employees now have a handle on how to start cross-selling.


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