Learning to take another perspective

When you want to convince (new) clients or potential staff, you need to look further than you may be used to.

Because you only find new insights when you dare let go of your old perspective. But how?

We help you to ‘look differently’ and we take you with us into the world of your target group.


Market research: there’s a world of difference between what they say and what they do

What people say can be way off what they actually do and feel.

You can ask people questions, but are they the right questions? And aren’t you better off challenging them to show what they really do? Or letting them show and tell you what happens ‘in the moment’ that it happens? Why do they choose a competitor? Why you? Stand next to them, virtually or literally.

Qualitative research methods such as depth interviews and focus groups are one tool. Research apps, (self)ethnography, the use of audio and video recordings via mobile phones are another. We add game elements where it’s functional – face-to-face or online. And we help you choose what tools make sense.

Our clients can often see what’s happening during fieldwork, in customer interaction. We share respondent homework, we give access to online bulletin boards. Our work is not a ‘black box’ and the results will be easier to accept.

We facilitate co-creation, the tools to interact with your target group and stakeholders by yourself. It needs structure and purpose. And space for everyone’s perspective.

We help you use your knowledge of all perspectives to direct your organisation’s focus.


Business workshops & cocreation: everyone participates

In our workshops all stakeholders participate. Be they employees, managers, customers or suppliers. Each one is engaged.

We encourage using the 7 principles of co-creation. From a departure point that all contributors are qually important, to the need to deliver value to end users, the organisation and the planet.

If co-creation is a bridge too far, we can still help you share knowledge within the team, overcome barriers to co-operation or bring the customer to life. We use multiple tools and techniques to get employees in a ‘flow’ and structure a workshop so it delivers tangible output and good follow through.


Armour Brown is a member of MOA (Expertise center for marketing-insights, research & analytics) and adheres to its terms and conditions.

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