Here’s a brief overview of methods we use.

Qualitative research:

Depth interviews
Group discussions / focus groups
Bulletin boards (via web or app, self-ethnography)
Live online focus groups

We also coordinate research throughout Europe.


Quantitative research:

Via our partners. We can help put together a good briefing.

Experts carry out the study.

Call us for issues such as:

Concept tests (new product / format / portal / service)
Communication tests (commercials, advertents, branded content, off- and online content)

Customer relation studies

Competitor analysis

Customer journey mapping

Segmentation research (persona development)

Positioning studies

Insight generation

Usability tests (UX)

Employee satisfaction research

Business-to-business, transport, technology, leisure and employment.

These five areas are often subject of studies done by Armour Brown.

Armour Brown research findings have been used by organisation such as:







Nationale-Nederlanden – insurances

Oasen – water company

Nuon Vattenfall – energy

Luxor – the Rotterdam theatres

Het Concertgebouw – the Amsterdam concert hall.