Look through the eyes of another How do you enthuse customers? What makes potential staff interested in you? How do you ensure they choose you, and subsequently stay with you?   It starts by stepping into their shoes. Because if… Lees meer »

Together you see more You may be in these shoes … Your company wants to its customers to choose your climate responsible option. As a manager you want consistently better service for our customers. As a team you use the… Lees meer »

Learning to take another perspective When you want to convince (new) clients or potential staff, you need to look further than you may be used to. Because you only find new insights when you dare let go of your old… Lees meer »

One day I received the following compliment. A communications manager said: ‘I now feel more confident making a choice, because I know my clients better. This helps my company develop, as well as myself.’   Connecting the dots As a… Lees meer »